Henna Services



A special gift for someone's graduation, birthday, anniversary, or just for yourself. Henna gives each occasion an exotic touch and a nice souvenir in the following days.

For a henna session you can visit our studio in Utrecht. Do make an appointment beforehand, as we don’t do walk-ins. Do you prefer a henna session at your own home or on location? No problem at all, we come to your place!
Below are the prices per hand (one-sided). For an indication of what such a design would look like, please, have a look at the gallery.
The same prices apply for feet.

Henna per hand and per side:

Would you rather have a beautiful design somewhere other than on your hands?  Henna can be applied anywhere on the body. Do you have a great idea? Send me a message and we will discuss the possibilities.
However, keep in mind that the skin is thinner in some places so that the colour of henna is often less dark than on the hands and feet.

Belly henna


Henna decoration is used to celebrate important moments in life. There is also a traditional henna ritual to mark the coming of new life where the hands and feet of the mother-to-be are adorned with henna. The Belly Henna, decorating the pregnant belly, is a modern version of this and a wonderful way to give your pregnancy a little extra attention.

The Belly Henna consists of 100% natural ingredients, including lavender oil. This is not only soft and safe for the skin, but the scent of lavender also ensures some extra relaxation during the henna session. For a Belly Henna session I'll come over to your home so that you can enjoy this ritual in your own familiar surroundings. Please allow approximately 2 hours for application and an additional 4 to 8 hours for the henna to dry and for your skin to take the dye.

Bridal henna

Henna is an essential part of a traditional Muslim or Hindu wedding. Also in the West you see more and more brides with henna, to give an exotic touch to this special day.

No hassle with quotations: below are the various Bridal Henna packages and their prices. You can choose from three packages, in which almost everything is included (amount of henna, taxes (VAT) and travel expenses). Are the packages not matching your needs or budget? Please send me a message via the email address on the contact page.

Parties & Events

Something to celebrate? Freedom, Love, Victory, Friendship. Josje travels entirely Toko Mehndi-style down to any location to decorate your party. Or rather; the people at your party.
Costs are € 75.- per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. This includes unlimited henna! Travel expenses are extra.