Mix Your Own!

Natural Henna Paste Recipe


• 50 gram BAQ henna powder
• 15 gram sugar
• 150 ml lemonjuice
• 4 teaspoons (15ml) essential oil (Lavender, Eucalyptus or Cajaput)

• Put the henna powder, sugar and lemon juice in a bowl. Mix all ingredients well. At first the mix will be quite lumpy, continue stirring until most lumps have disappeared. 

• Now add 4 teaspoons of essential oil and mix until the paste is nice and smooth. Cover your bowl with cling film touching the paste, so it's air tight for as far possible. You may put a piece of tissue paper on top of the cling film with which you can later determine if the dye release of your henna paste has started. I've put a little bowl on top of that tissue to ensure it stays in place, but you can use any small item of course.

• Put your henna mix away in a warm place for about 24hours.

• Check the tissue every now and then. Depending on the climate and kind of henna powder, the amount of time it takes for the dye release to happen varies. If it has a clear orange stain on it, the dye release of your henna paste has started and it is ready to use. Stir your paste once again until it's nicely smooth, stringy and lump free. Now your henna paste is ready to adorn some skin!